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Jackson’s Gotcha-versary

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One year ago, on May 5, 2011, my husband and I woke in a hotel in Iowa on an important day. It was adoption day and all of my happiness was riding on the meeting. I nervously showered, dressed, and did my hair and makeup, counting down the minutes until we met our future family member.

After a stop at Walmart for some last minute items for the car ride home and a bad fast food breakfast we headed to meet someone that would change our lives forever. I will never forget when we turned onto the dirt road and saw the house just a moment away. This was it and I was both ready to be a momma again and terrified at the responsbility we were about to assume.

We pulled up and knocked on the door. We were greeted by our breeder, who I had gotten to know via email over the last ten weeks. And then we were greeted by a pack of labradors, yellow and black, with perfect dog manners, heads stretched out and slightly down, sniffing our legs, tails wagging furiously and their muscular bodies wiggling so hard it was surprising they did not fall over.

Happiness spread through me the way it always does when greeted by a labrador. I had spent a lifetime with labradors but the last year and a half I had lived labless as my black labrador Babe had passed 18 months prior and my German Shorthaired Pointer had just lost a terrible batter with cancer just three months before. With both of them gone I barely wanted to get out of bed or face the day. I was lost. And now as we waited to pick up our puppy, I knew I was going to find my way again.

This is the story of our Jackson, the puppy with the broken leg who we gave the nickname Aquadog because that was the color of his identifying yarn in his band of brothers. One of four pups in the litter his loving momma had accidentally laid on his little two-week leg the wrong way and broke it. Our breeder, a woman who gives beautiful new meaning to the words “responsible breeder” nursed him through his broken leg and then entrusted him to us.

I am thankful every single day that she entrusted us with this special dog. His leg is fully healed, he is a robust and normal 75 pound muscular black labrador. He races through our yard with the sound of a Kentucky Derby winner, thundering paws and steady breathing, as if to say “what broken leg?”.

The last year has been a frenzy of training, laughter, training, love, correcting behavior, tummy rubs, walks, frisbee, training,training and more training. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

This blog is to share with the world our aquadog, our puppylove, Jax, Jackson, the sweet puppy with the broken leg who has filled our life with kisses, labrador hair tumbleweeds, laughter, some scratches and bruises, and all the love that a labrador provides. We are so blessed to be the family to provide him the love and care that this beautiful boy deserves.

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