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Household Toxins That Make Your Dog Sick

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As you know from following my blogs and social media posts, one of the areas about which I am the most passionate is creating an environment for dogs that is free of as many toxins as possible both inside and outside your home. When Leigh Marcos, Content Manager of PennJersey Building Services reached out to me with information from their website I was more than thrilled to share it with you, my friends and pack of fellow dog lovers.


By Leigh Marcos, PennJersey Building Services

When you clean the home, you probably consider a good living environment for you and your family, but does that include your pet? Many pet owners naturally forget that toxins affect their pets too, sometimes more so, and that not only is there a range of substances that might affect them, but the very cleaning agents being used to clean the home.

When we think of harmful toxins, we might think of asbestos which causes mesothelioma, but there is also garbage, and the cleaning chemicals. The reason they affect pets more is not just because of their relatively smaller size, but because they operate closer to the ground which means they interact with substances more often.

It is vital to carefully investigate your home to see what substances exist within it, and which one your pets can interact with. To help you out, PennJersey have created a handy guide the main substances dog owners should be aware of and crucially, important advice on how to make homes safer and use less toxic cleaning products. Click here to access the PennJersey guide. 

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