Create Your Own Dog Care Binder
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Create Your Own Dog Care Binder with Instructions for PetSitters

Create Your Own Dog Care Binder with Instructions for Pet Sitters

by Lynn Stacy-Smith

Create Your Own Dog Care BinderSeveral years ago when I was updating my annual dog care instructions for our pet sitter I noticed a spare binder on my desk. I added a cover photo, got out the three-hole punch, and the dog care binder was born.

I won’t lie, I’ve taken some loving teasing about the dog care binder, or the “manual” as some in my family and inner circle have called it. My husband joked that we never left so many instructions to care for the kids as we do for the dogs. When it comes down to it, though, the human kids can talk; the dogs cannot, at least not in a way that someone new would understand right away like I do through our daily life together.

The truth is, you never know when you might get called away at the last-minute. Emergencies come up and you might find yourself booking a flight for that same day and hopping on a plane, leaving your home and dogs in the hands of someone else while you go to be with a sick family member or an emergency work meeting. Creating a dog care binder with details on everything someone needs to know to care for your dogs as well as your home will give you incredible peace of mind. Trust me on this, I have walked the walk.

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