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The Happy, Healthy Dogs Group

The Happy, Healthy Dogs Group

by Lynn Stacy-Smith

We dog owners understand each other. We understand the joy that a dog can bring by doing even the simplest thing, whether it’s nudging us with their nose every morning as a wake-up call or putting their paw on their face, an act that is like human kryptonite. We understand the worry and anguish when our dog is not feeling well or acting right. We understand the connection that pulls us home when our non-dog owner friends want to stay out for just one more drink or sit and linger over coffee. And we understand the heartbreak when we have to say goodbye to our dog, and the prayer that we will indeed see him or her again at the rainbow bridge.

Happy Healthy Dogs Group on Mighty NetworksLast November, I came down with some sort of nasty flu. I slept quite fitfully for several days straight while I battled a fever. You know the type: freezing for ten minutes, roasting for ten minutes, back and forth. I was delirious, too, and so thankful that my husband was home for most of that time to care for the dogs, and equally thankful when he was working that the dogs are so nicely trained and easy to care for that I could do it while sick. Tinkerbell, in particular, stayed glued to me in bed the entire time, and Jax came over to give me his signature wet nosed nudge from time to time.

At some point during that feverish haze, I had a clear picture, almost like a vision, of where I wanted to take Love, Laugh, Woof in the future. Maybe it was because I felt so guilty that I was in bed and not being productive, or maybe it was because my mind was not able to obsess on the day to day tasks like normal, allowing it to open up and think big, but for whatever reason, I had an epiphany that I managed to scribble down in one of the many notebooks that are always by my side before falling back into a flu-ridden sleep.

That note said:

Love, Laugh, Woof is an entire world for dog owners to come and learn about dogs, to celebrate dogs, and to get to bond with other dog owners who love dogs like I love dogs! It’s a place for people to return to, over and over, to hang out, make friends, and to feel free to talk about their dog as much as they want while learning how to make the best life possible for them!!

There were underscores, stars, arrows, and all sorts of other drawings to remind myself that I meant what I was writing, that this was the real deal!

I had just spent over a week at Walt Disney World, and maybe I was motivated by Walt’s dream of creating a magical place where families could come together, maybe I was encouraged by his gift of imagining how to achieve the impossible, or maybe I was just imagining the type of place where I would want to hang out…but after my fever broke and my brain started to function again, I re-read that note. And then I read it again. I kinda laughed at first at the thought of finding millions of dollars in funding to build a dog theme park, a canine sort of Disney, but then I realized that I could create a virtual world and everything just clicked!

You see, Love, Laugh, Woof has never been “just” a blog to me. It has always been about making a difference in the lives of dogs everywhere. Your dog, my dog, other people’s dogs, and dogs that are nobody’s dogs, I want to help them all live happy, healthy lives. Thankfully, the universe sent me a way to make this happen in a much faster timeframe than I believed to ever be possible, and I am thrilled to have launched the Happy, Healthy Dogs Group on February 20!

The Happy, Healthy Dog Group is a new way for dog lovers to come together, celebrate our forever dogs, get to know fellow like-minded dog lovers, while also learning about how to create a happier, healthier lifestyle for their dogs in the areas of mind, body and environment as well as other topics. 

In addition to the social networking aspect of the group in a dedicated site, away from the noise and the manipulative algorithms of Facebook that control what you see or don’t seemembership includes access to exclusive content that consists of educational articlescurated content written by other pet professionalsplus interviews with other pet experts in their areas of expertise.

As we really get rolling and build a large base of members, my vision is to also offer live, in-person events, whether it’s free seminars, getting together to walk our dogs, or just having coffee or lunch with fellow dog lovers! And if I’m not physically in your part of the country, that’s ok, because it’s my hope that you will make friends with other members!

I am of course bark-out-loud, tail-waggingly happy to introduce this group into the world of dog owners, and I hope that you will join me and tell your friends about it! If you’re ready to experience it, membership is literally less than the price of a single latte per month, and you can click on this link: Join the Happy, Healthy Dogs Group. PLUS, you can earn free swag for you and your dog for referring other members!

I wanted to create the exact type of group that I would want to join myself, which means lots of value at a low price and the opportunity to earn free stuff! Four. Paws. UP! Our first mini-course will launch next week on the topic of being prepared for someone else to care for your dog if you are traveling away from home or in the event of an emergency, and I hope to see you there!