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Soul Searching, Temp Jobs, and Renewed Passion

The most amazing thing about creating your own career and passion project out of nothing but your own thoughts and imagination is that you can do anything that you want, go in any direction, and make all of your own decisions. The most stressful and confusing thing about creating your own career and passion project out of nothing but your own thoughts and imagination is that you can do anything that you want, go in any direction, and make all of your own decisions.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Having so much autonomy and flexibility is both a blessing and a curse. I often find myself wishing that my perfect job involved selling a single thing that I believed in 1000%. It's not that I think a sales job is easy, or that I would be a particularly great salesperson, but I see so many fellow entrepreneurs who happily sell a specific product, and have a laser focus and a mission that is clear to everyone they meet. Conversely, I often feel like Dug from Up, distracted by squirrels all day as I wrangle so many ideas of what this blog can and should be with its style, tone, and content entirely up to me.

If you did not know this, there are about a bazillion experts out in the world who are in the business of teaching other entrepreneurs how to achieve success in this increasingly popular world of following your dream and making your own career out of what you love.  For a very long time, I tried to listen to all of them until my mind became a mess of master classes, membership sites, Facebook challenges, complicated marketing funnels and every other technique they suggest to transition from poor starving writer to Snapchatting from a yacht somewhere.

Trying to chase after all of those expert ideas came to a stop earlier this year when I realized that I was not waking up with any passion whatsoever for my business. None. In fact, it really hit home when a friend of mine posted that she wished sleep was not necessary because she was so fired up by the things she was doing for her business, and I thought, "why don't I feel the same???" All I wanted to do was curl up with Jax and Tink and watch Real Housewives marathons, only that was depressing because they are all extremely successful business women with a singular focus!

The thing is, I was trying to follow all of these experts and their advice and do just like they did, only instead of achieving my dream, I was miserable, uninspired, confused and listless. I did not want to write and my energy was horribly negative and I was just depressed, bummed, and feeling like I should quit and go back to the secure world of having a traditional job.

But instead of quitting my blog, I decided to quit following all of these experts and just get back to writing about dogs and how amazing they are. The original focus of this blog was to write about being a compassionate loving owner, how incredible dogs are as a species, the beauty of our interspecies friendships, and the emotional side of being a dog lover, with some health topics and stuff in there from time to time, too. And so that's where we are going again! We are going back to my passion, your passion, and the passion of everyone whose hearts have ever held this tremendous love of dogs.  

I have been an avid reader ever since childhood and as a little girl I dreamt of being like James Herriot, the British veterinarian who wrote the famous books All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Things Wise and Wonderful, and The Lord God Made Them All. Mom bought me a boxed set of all 4 titles one year when I was around 8 or 9 and I would read the spines as if they were a poem and then read each book over and over and over. For the longest time, I wanted to be a veterinarian just like him but instead, I pursued an education in English and really forgot all about those wonderful stories as an adult as my reading material switched to Shakespeare and Chaucer in college and then chick-lit after graduation.

A few weeks ago I started thinking about those books and how much they influenced me as a child, and I realized that while I might not have become a country veterinarian, that being a dog blogger was pretty darn close to achieving that childhood dream. It was one of many big ah-ha moments in which I realized that this focus of going back to the original intention of this blog was exactly what I was meant to do.

And so, I have spent the last few months working some temporary assignments for other companies, doing some freelance/ghost blogging for business to business clients, and making some changes to my website, email list, and the Happy, Healthy Dog group. I am ready to have some fun again and to get back to sharing the love, the laughter and of course the woofing that makes us love our dogs so very much, and couldn't be happier that you, my friends, family and readers, are still with me!





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