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My New RV Pet Safety Monitor Part 2: Setup and Testing

Earlier this month I wrote about my new Nimble Wireless RV Pet Safety Monitor that I was excited to try in our new camper…and then we sold the camper! I’m kinda sad because we spent so long looking for the camper, and it was so perfect for us, but we got an offer we couldn’t refuse and decided we weren’t using it enough to justify the expense of storing it and paying for insurance, and it still wasn’t exactly what we wanted as it did not really fit all five adults and two dogs. So, we are back to browsing for the right camper for next season. However, I have still had fun testing out the Nimble Wireless RV Pet Safety Monitor in various other places.

The Nimble Wireless RV Pet Safety Monitor transmits data using the Verizon Wireless network, so if you have mobile service, this device should work. If you are boondocking way out in the middle of nowhere, you might get service or you might not, but if you are that far out in the middle of the wilderness, there probably isn’t anywhere that you won’t be taking your dog since chances are you will be doing all outdoor sports and not going to tourist attractions that do not allow pets, which is, of course, the whole reason you would need to monitor the temperature of your RV from a distance.

Because your device is tied to a wireless network you will need to sign up for either a monthly service plan or an annual service plan depending on your needs. If you are a full-time RVer, you would probably want the annual plan. With the monthly plan, you can start or stop your service whenever you want.

Once your plan is purchased and your device is charged, you want to give your device a day or so to connect to the network and get all synched up. That’s as technical as I will get because my expertise is living your best life with your dogs, not techy-stuff.

The last step is to download the RV Pet Safety app, log in with your account, and go to the Settings tab to add any phone numbers and email addresses where you want to receive alerts and to choose your minimum and maximum temperature settings. You can also choose if you want to receive battery percentage alerts to tell you how much battery power you have. The nice thing is that you can easily go into the app and turn these on and off and also change the frequency of alerts.

I set my device to alert me when the temperature went under 40 degrees or over 70, then I moved the device around the house and took it on car rides with me during which I left it in the hot car while I went about my day. Sure enough, as the temperature in my car reached the maximum, the alerts began and continued until the device was back in an environment under that temperature.

I found the device to be pretty accurate give or take a degree or so, and that could be my own thermostat at home that is off since this device has been in use monitoring the restaurant industry for many years. It even detected a change when I moved it to the windowsill in our bedroom where the sun was coming through the curtains and warming up the particular spot where I had placed the device.

I like this device for the purpose of RV monitoring and think it will give considerable peace of mind. I could see this as being useful to professional dog show handlers, police departments that do not have other solutions in place for their K9 officers, search and rescue handlers, boarding kennel or doggie daycare operators or really anyone who participates in dog sports like hunting, conformation, rally obedience or barn hunt with more than one dog. This device can technically be used in the car, but I am a strong proponent that dogs never be left alone in any car regardless of the weather because of the rate at which cars heat up and the potential for the theft of the dog or car or both.

If you want more information on the Nimble Wireless RV Pet Safety Device, check out their website

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