What is Love, Laugh, Woof?

Love, Laugh, Woof is a philosophy, a way of life, a set of beliefs that I use to be a loving, thoughtful and fair dog owner to my own dogs. As a dog blogger and the author of the book, Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog’s Forever Owner, I am on a mission to help all dog owners create a happy, healthy, lifestyle for their forever dogs. 

What is Love Laugh WoofLove

By love I mean real, true lifelong love. I mean the real love that never wavers when things get hard, the love that keeps you going through sickness and in health, like the words spoken in a marriage vow. By love I mean never giving up on your dogs, opening your heart fully to them, having compassion for the reasons behind their behavior. Real love means never abandoning them in a shelter or leaving them with just veterinary personnel when their time here on earth is about to come to an end. Real love means forgiving them when they do something “wrong” and never forgetting that we chose to bring them into our lives, not the other way around. Real love means real commitment from the moment they step that first paw into your life until the last breath that they take with you by their side.


If there is a way to get through life without a sense of humor then I am not aware of it! Laughter just makes most situations better, even the hard ones. Having a sense of humor and having fun with your dogs makes you an overall better dog owner and a happier person, whether you are laughing with them or at something they’ve done. With two young Labrador Retrievers, I laugh a lot.


Woof means putting yourself in your dog’s proverbial paws and celebrating the differences between our species. Woof means being empathetic to the fact that your dog is a dog. Your dog is not a small furry human. Although we may refer to ourselves as pet parents or in our house momma/daddy, I know without a shadow of a doubt that my dogs are dogs. It would be disrespectful to them to treat them as anything else.