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Love, Laugh, Woof is a lifestyle blog for dog owners to read and consequently learn about living a happy, healthy life with their dogs. You can read about creating a happy, holistic lifestyle for your dog. New dog owners can learn the basics of responsible dog ownership. Topics include planning to get a new dog and surviving puppyhood. Other topics include life with Jackson and Tinkerbell and stories of other incredible dogs. 

Join us via social media and help build a digital world in which dogs are certainly treasured friends, companions, and above all, family members. Love, Laugh, Woof is undeniably a place in which dog owners can celebrate and share all of the amazing things that we love so much about our canine best friends.  

About Lynn Stacy-Smith

Lynn Stacy-Smith Love Laugh WoofLynn Stacy-Smith is a dog-obsessed writer. She is the author of the book and the blog, both named Love, Laugh, Woof. Lynn was born and raised in rural New Jersey. She and her family moved to the Chicagoland area when Lynn was 16. She then stuck around the midwest for college and adulthood. No matter where she lived, she almost always had a dog as her best friend and constant companion.

A fourth-generation writer, Lynn took the plunge into the world of blogging with the goal of helping fellow dog owners create a happy, healthy lifestyle with their dogs. She realized that both friends and family frequently asked about dog-related topics as frequently as multiple times a day. As a result of her lifelong dog experience, she always knew the answers or resources to help them. Lynn lives in the Chicago suburbs her husband, 3 human kids, and Labrador Retrievers Jackson and Tinkerbell.


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