Business to Business Services

Do you remember the “why” that sparked your passion for starting your own business? Now that you are up and running, do you spend most of your time using the special skills that are the foundation of the services you offer? Are you a groomer who gets to groom all day? A pet sitter who can enjoy time with clients? A pet store owner who can interact with customers out on the sales floor? Or are you bogged down by the other areas of business ownership that we did not anticipate? You know what those things are…they are the “things that you hate to do but have to do anyway!”

One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur or a solopreneur is that we can perform the tasks that we love and outsource the ones that we loathe. For me, writing is my passion and is the foundation of my business.For other pet professionals and other entrepreneurs, the thought of writing your own blog or newsletter gives you bad flashbacks to your college English class.

In the same way that I love to outsource the things that I dislike, let me take on your writing projects so that you can focus on the things that you love…the things that drove you to start your own business in the first place!

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