Dog Owner Workshops & Coaching

Would you like to raise your dogs with the same healthy, happy lifestyle that I have created for my dogs?

Puppy Jackson

Learn how to create a healthy and happy lifestyle for your dogs through my Love, Laugh, Woof, Learn educational sessions. Choose from one-on-one dog owner coaching, online educational webinars or group workshops to learn how to be the best possible owner, caretaker and friend to your dogs.

Workshops & One-on-One Coaching 

 to Help Your Dog Feel Fantastic:


Enjoying Puppyhood 
This workshop offers tips and suggestions on puppy rearing without losing your mind or your patience, with a focus on being compassionate to what your puppy is experiencing.



The Compassionate Pet Owner: Ten ways to live by the Love, Laugh, Woof Philosophy
Learn five ways to be a more compassionate dog owner and five ways to bond with your dog.

Understanding the Confusing World of Pet Food
This course covers the basics of pet food, current trends and buzz words. Learn why some brands are not necessarily a bargain, the importance of protein rotation, and why treats matter in your dog’s diet.

Creating a Holistic & Healthy Lifestyle For Your Dog: Mind, Body & Environment
This workshop focuses on providing a healthy lifestyle for dogs in three areas: mind, body, and environment. Safe products for dogs and to use in the house are discussed, as well as ways to work your dog’s mind.

Preparing For A New Puppy Or Dog
Learn what to expect when adopting a new puppy or dog and what you will need before their gotcha date, including training your human children to be around a dog, the importance of training, and the dog professionals you need in your life.


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