Enjoying Puppyhood Workshop & Owner Coaching




You adopted a puppy.
He is yours to train.
You are shaping his behavior.
You are molding him into the dog
that will spend the next 15 years by your side.
No pressure…

Are you ready for this job?
Do you know where to start?
Are you at your wits end after one day?


Do you want to get a puppy but have no idea where to start?

Is your puppy adoption date looming and you are nervous about raising her?

I can help you do more than SURVIVE puppyhood.
You can ENJOY your dog’s puppyhood & I will teach you how!

Join the Love, Laugh, Woof One-on-One Coaching Program today

Enjoying Puppyhood

You will learn how to create a happy, healthy and safe lifestyle for your puppy that you can carry through adulthood, with the goal of raising a dog with whom you have a loving connection and who thoroughly and confidently understands the rules of living in a human world.

One-on-One coaching includes a free knowledge assessment call to custom tailor your course content plus FOUR one-hour private sessions with author, blogger and dog expert Lynn Stacy-Smith via Skype or telephone. You will also receive handouts, worksheets and a FREE copy of Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog’s Forever Owner. 

Topics include: Choosing a trainer, puppy proofing, embracing the crate, your puppy’s first night home, preventing lost dogs, teaching kids to play with your pup, house training, the first few days, socialization, chewing, and many, many more important things that you need to raise a happy, healthy, safe puppy!

Your course kicks off with a FREE initial knowledge assessment,
followed by FOUR 60 minute private sessions via Skype.

You will also receive handouts, worksheets,
and a FREE copy of
Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog’s Forever Owner