How Does Freelance Blogging Work?

Businesses experience many benefits from having a blog, but not all businesses are ready to write their own posts. Enter the freelance writer! Finding a great freelance blogger is as beneficial to your SEO  as a good accountant is to the financial organization of your business. So what can you expect when you hire a freelance blogger to write your blog posts and web content?

Getting to Know You

The first step is to get to know you, your business, and your business goals. We will accomplish this through an initial interview so that I can understand not only what your business offers, but your “why” behind what you do and your motivation for starting your business.

The best business blogs do not just offer information. Great business blogs offer a glimpse into the culture of your business and allow potential customers to really get to know why they are so important to you and why you want to help solve their problems or assist them in living their best lives. Bark Out Loud Communications Freelance Blogging

Not only do I want to know about your business, but I want to know about you, the business owner. My favorite clients are those who are building their own passion projects. Knowing who you are and why you are doing the work that you are doing helps me serve you better and helps me write better blogs for you.

Your Blog’s Tone of Voice

When it comes to freelance blogging, the goal is not to write in my tone of voice and style, but to put as much of your personality and your business culture into the posts as possible. Someone the other day asked me how I do this, and to be entirely honest, I am not 100% sure. It is just a skill that I have.

I did not know I had that ability until many years ago when the senior vice president of my department at my previous job came to me and said, “You’re a writer, I am being interviewed for an article.  Can you answer these questions as if you were me?”

So I sat down, thought for a while, and wrote out answers to the questions that sounded exactly like him. When the article was published, I smiled with a huge sense of achievement when I saw that his answers were exactly what I had written.

Since then I have been able to do this with blogs for my small business clients. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction when they love their posts and have zero edits. I truly love helping your business with original blog content that you love and your readers will love! 

You Blog’s Focus

Good business blogs tell your brand’s story. I have researched a lot of blogs over the years and am always quite surprised to see that even very successful businesses have blogs that are trying to cover everything instead of focusing on the customers that they have and that they want to attract.

My job as a freelance writer is to help you corral your blog into categories and topics that support your brand story. During our initial interview, we will talk in depth about your brand story and create a roadmap of where you want your blog to go, the stories you want to share, and the information you want to provide.

Once we know which categories you want to include in your blog we will determine the topics that you would like to cover. All business owners are different. You can provide the topics, we can brainstorm them together, or I can offer topics for your approval, it just depends on your personal preferences. We can easily pivot if a popular topic arises in the world that relates to your business.

Types of Services

In addition to offering freelance writing services, I also offer copy-editing and proofreading services. This means that you can have as much involvement in the actual writing of your blog as you want to. I can write the entire blog post or incorporate your notes and thoughts that you want to include. This can change from post to post depending on the topic.

If you prefer to write the entire post, proofreading is the process of looking over your content to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Copyediting refers to the process of word-smithing and editing to make the original copy read better. These options are great for business owners who want to take an active role in the creation of their blog, have the time to write the posts, but just want some extra reassurance that their post is as polished as it can be before sending it out into the world.

Cost and Billing

Because each topic and blog post are different and require different amounts of planning, research, writing, and editing, I prefer to invoice clients hourly per project. Once we have established the goal for each post, I will send you an agreement that covers the topic, an estimate of how much time I anticipate the project will take, and a due date for the content to be delivered to you.

I require 30% of my fee upfront and will invoice the remaining amount after you sign off that you are satisfied with the blog post or project. The remaining portion of my fee is due within 7 days of receiving the final version of your blog post.

How This Benefits YOU!

Bark Out Loud Communications Freelance BloggingThe whole goal of hiring a freelance writer to do your blogging is to get you out from behind the computer so that you can do what you love. Whether it means working in your store, coaching clients, networking, making sales calls, or creating your own art, you can spend less time worrying about the blog content you know you need to improve your SEO and reach new customers.

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