How to Blog 6 Course Series

From Inspiration to Publication

A 6 Course Series to Teach You How to Blog

Blogging has come a long way since the late 1990s!

Bloggers today are among the most influential experts and voices in their particular areas of expertise, appearing in magazines, earning paid sponsorships from popular brands, and often earning a living doing what they love. 

Have you thought about starting your own blog?  

Are you a natural story teller with a message to share? 

Are you a small business owner seeking to connect on a deeper level with clients?

Are you an expert in a particular area with information to share?

Are you ready to start your own blog right now? 

What Will You Learn?

Take 1 Course or All 6, It's Up to You!

Module 1: What story do you want to tell?
Do you have an idea bouncing around in your head but not sure what to do with it? Or are you a business owner who wants to connect on a deeper level with potential customers? Module 1 helps you fine-tune your ideas and focus your inspiration.
Module 2: A Brief Technical Overview of Blogging Platforms
We will talk about options for websites to host your blog, whether you are a technical guru or getting over a fear of computers.
Module 3: Tools & tips for writing great posts
Learn to create blog posts using your own strengths and skills, as well as tips and tricks for awesome images and graphics.
Module 4: Getting the word out to readers
Once you are writing fabulous posts, how do you get people to find them? This class helps you get the word out to new readers.
Module 5: Earning money from your blog
Do you wonder how blogging went from being a hobby to a rewarding career? find out how in this session.
Module 6: Blogging confidently into the future
Acquire tools and information to continue to publish awesome and inspired blog posts after the initial launch of your blog.

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The next  How to Blog Facebook group class starts on October 1, 2018, wraps up October 20, 2018, and you can join for just $37. Each day you will receive a new short pre-recorded video for you to watch and be invited to a live review session via Facebook Live or Zoom conference call. After graduation, you will be invited to the How to Blog alumni group where you can brainstorm and interact with fellow bloggers who have also gone through the program.

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