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What is the Happy, Healthy Dog Owner Group?Join the Happy Healthy Dog Group

We dog owners understand each other. We understand the joy that a dog can bring by doing even the simplest thing, whether it’s nudging us with their nose every morning as a wake-up call or putting their paw on their face, an act that is like human kryptonite. We understand the worry and anguish when our dog is not feeling well or acting right. We understand the connection that pulls us home when our non-dog owner friends want to stay out for just one more drink or sit and linger over coffee. And we understand the heartbreak when we have to say goodbye to our dog, and the prayer that we will indeed see him or her again at the rainbow bridge.

The Happy, Healthy Dog Group is a new way for dog lovers to come together, celebrate our forever dogs, get to know fellow like-minded dog lovers, while also learning about how to create a happier, healthier lifestyle for their dogs in the areas of mind, body and environment as well as other topics.

Why join the Happy, Healthy Dog Owner Group?

I am on a mission to help all dog owners create a happy, healthy, lifestyle for their forever dogs. Someone once told me, “You love your dogs, you love other people’s dogs, and you love dogs who are nobodies dogs.” As a result, I want every dog to enjoy an excellent quality of life and be safe and secure with their owners who are equally happy and satisfied with the life they share with their dog.

In addition to the social networking aspect of the group in a dedicated site, away from the noise and the manipulative algorithms of Facebook that control what you see or don’t seemembership includes access to exclusive content that consists of educational articlescurated content written by other pet professionalsplus interviews with other pet experts in their areas of expertise.

What does membership include?

Members enjoy complete, unrestricted access to educational content on a variety of dog care topics as well as specially curated content from other authors, and interviews with other dog professionals who will share tips and information from their areas of expertise. You will also receive discounts on courses on dog care topics, both self guided online tutorials and live/online classes.

Topics will include: Creating a Happy, Healthy Life for Your Dog, Dog Safety and Emergency Prepping, The Compassionate Pet Owner, Senior Dog Considerations, Creating a Dog Care Binder as well as other courses still in development. For new dog owners there will be courses on Planning for a New Dog, Surviving Puppyhood, and Dog Care Basics. Because we are in a beta phase of this group, some of the topics are still filling up with content, which is why we are letting new members in under a very low introductory price.

From a social networking aspect, you can interact with fellow like-minded dog lovers in a safe haven of people who love dogs like you and I love dogs. Make new friends, learn from others, and enjoy the company of dog owners like you in a safe, bully-free social group.

What will it cost me?

While the group is still being created, you will pay an affordable one-time fee of $9.99. This rate is good while the Happy, Healthy Dog Group and Love, Laugh, Woof, LLC are operational. This special rate my change at any time without warning for future members. Click here to purchase your membership: