Content Writing & Additional Services

In addition to creating original content to my own readers and followers on Love, Laugh, Woof, I offer content writing, copy editing and proofreading to other businesses, both pet related and non-pet related.

Continually creating fresh content for your website is critical to ensuring that clients find you when searching online. Blogs and newsletters let you reach out to current or potential customers in a tone that is uniquely suited to your business and audience in a way that helps you develop relationships with them. Periodically sharing information that will interest your customers has a dual benefit of also keeping you top of mind. They may not need your product or services now, but they will remember you when they do have a need.

I have over twelve years of experience writing non-fiction business content. I worked for two years as the blogger/content writer of an international pet food manufacturer, have experience ghostwriting the blog of an award-winning wedding photographer, and spent over a decade spent writing a variety of types of documentation and content for the leading college bookstore operator in the United States and Canada when I was employed at their home office.

Love, Laugh, Woof Content Writing Services include:

  • Blog content creation
  • Blog research
  • Photos and blog title images
  • Newsletter creation
  • Copyediting of client authored content
  • How to Blog coaching
  • Blog review and consultation

I would love to speak with you about your business needs and how I can help you bring great content to your customers. Click to email me at discuss other work that I have done, and to brainstorm on how we can work together to ensure that you stay top of mind to both your customers and internet search engines.