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Welcome to a world in which dogs are treasured family members, where they are celebrated and loved, and their humans can learn how to provide a happy, healthy lifestyle for them.

Welcome to Love, Laugh, Woof.

Love, Laugh, Woof is a lifestyle blog for dog owners to read and learn about living a happy, healthy life with their dogs. My name is Lynn Stacy-Smith and I am your blogger and dog-obsessed writer.

My vision of Love, Laugh, Woof is that it is a digital world in which dogs are treasured friends, companions, and family members. It is a world in which dog owners can celebrate and share all of the amazing things that dogs do in our life together! Plus, you can learn how to create a happy, healthy lifestyle for your canine best friends. 

So where should you begin? First, stop on by the blog page and check out the latest posts and archives. Click on or hover over the Dog Care Information menu for lots of information on caring for your dog. You can also learn more about the Love, Laugh, Woof book or shop for fun shirts and merch for humans. And finally, I would love for you to join our various social networks and share stories about you and your dog to help grow our Love, Laugh, Woof network of like-minded dog lovers!


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