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Welcome to a world in which dogs are treasured family members, where they are celebrated and loved, and their humans can learn how to provide a happy, healthy lifestyle for them.

My name is Lynn Stacy-Smith and I am the founder of Love, Laugh, Woof.

After having dogs as my best friends and constant companions for my entire life (over 40 years) I realized that it was time to pursue my passion and combine two of the most important parts of my life: writing and dogs! First came the blog, followed by my book, and now a social group along with lots of fun stuff about to happen in the near future.

Love, Laugh, Woof is so much more than "just" a blog, though, it is my passion project and it is for you and your dogs as much as it is for my dogs and me. In fact, I consider it a whole world in which dogs are treasured friends, companions, and family members and dog owners can celebrate and share all of the amazing things that dogs do in our life together! Plus, you can learn how to create a happy, healthy lifestyle for your canine best friends. 

So what can you do now that you've found your way here? First, stop on by my blog page and check out the latest posts and archives. You can also learn more about my book or shop for fun shirts and mugs for humans. And finally, I would love for you to join me on my various social networks so I can learn about you and your dog and grow our Love, Laugh, Woof network of like-minded dog lovers!

Lynn Stacy Smith and Tinkebell
Momma & Tinkerbell selfies

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my page. I am so grateful for each and every person who takes the time to read to this point. Thank you for sharing the love of dogs, and I hope that I can help you and your dog lead the happiest, healthiest life together with love and a mind-meld like I share with my beloved Jackson and Tinkerbell.


Love, Laugh, Woof is a proud member of the American Pet Professionals

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