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Welcome to a world in which dogs are treasured family members, where they are celebrated and loved, and their humans can learn how to provide a happy, healthy lifestyle for them.

My name is Lynn Stacy-Smith and I am the founder of Love, Laugh, Woof, LLC.

I work hard so that your dogs and my dogs can have a better life!

After having dogs as my best friends and constant companions for my entire life (over 40 years) I realized that it was time to pursue my passion and help other dog owners like you create the best life possible for their own dogs with 2 goals: giving your dog the happiest, healthiest, longest life that we can and helping dog owners enjoy each and every one of those days to the fullest extent possible. 

So how do I know what I know? And what will you learn? 

Well, I am not a veterinarian and I am not a dog trainer, and I don’t pretend to play one in real life or TV. I leave those incredibly important functions up to those experts. What I offer is the information that helps you fill in the gaps in terms of taking care of your dog’s mind, body, and environment. I teach things that will make major differences in your life and in your dog’s life that you did not even know you were missing.

Like what, you ask? 

I consider these the “soft skills” of dog ownership, like helping potential dog owners navigate the whole process of choosing a dog, preparing for the dog, finding their tribe of pet care experts, and then not only surviving puppyhood, but actually enjoying puppyhood!

For current dog owners, I offer information on taking your dog’s day-to-day care to a healthier more holistic level, focusing on improving your dog’s mental health, physical health, the health of the environment in which you both live, and your relationship with each other.

For senior dog owners, I offer information on how to handle the senior years, what to expect, how to adapt to your dog’s changing personality and needs.

Over the last forty plus years of living with dogs, and over twenty-five years owning my own dogs, I have been in all of these situations. Puppies, rescues, seniors, fosters, I have lived with them, loved them, and learned from them.

So how can you get all of this info from my brain into yours? Easy, peasy!

  1. My book, Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog’s Forever Owner is designed for both new dog owners and veteran dog owners. You can purchase signed copies through me or order from Amazon, iTunes, or ask your local bookseller to order you a copy or carry it in their store.
  2. Love, Laugh, Woof started with a blog, so you can access the Dog Owner Resources page for many of the archived topics.
  3. You can also join the brand new and growing Happy, Healthy Dogs Group which right now is a one time fee of $9.99 as it grows and develops into a robust digital world for dog lovers to learn about dogs and celebrate their love of dogs with like-minded dog owners, minus the trolls and unpleasantness of free dog owner groups on social media. Click here to join for $9.99
  4. One-on-one coaching means that you and I will sit down over coffee or via an online meeting on Zoom or Skype and talk about your specific questions and problems. I’ve made my coaching super affordable and you can check it out here:One-on-One Coaching for Dog Owners
  5. Group workshops are just that, we will gather as a group, I will teach you what I know, I will give you worksheets and all sorts of information to help you. Click here to learn more: Love Laugh Woof Workshops
Lynn Stacy Smith and Tinkebell
Momma & Tinkerbell selfies

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by my page. I am so grateful for each and every person who takes the time to read to this point. Thank you for sharing the love of dogs, and I hope that I can help you and your dog lead the happiest, healthiest life together with love and a mind-meld like I share with my beloved Jackson and Tinkerbell.


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