Love, Laugh, Woof: The Book

Love, Laugh, Woof:

A Guide To Being Your Dog’s Forever Owner

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From the time she was five years old, author Lynn Stacy-Smith has lived side by side with dogs as her best friends and constant companions. Love, Laugh, Woof, a memoir and guide to being a compassionate forever dog owner, shares a collection of stories from the author’s life with her dogs – a tribute to how her dogs brought joy and adventure into her childhood and later life.

It segues from her memories into a training manual and pet care book that helps potential pet owners decide if a dog is right for them, and the importance of training and teaching the dog the rules of living in a human world. Smith shares the responsibilities involved in bringing a pet into their lives, and she strives to help people become more compassionate and understanding dog owners.

A combination of anecdotes and instructional materials, Love, Laugh, Woof offers a look at Smith’s philosophy on dog ownership. Love Laugh, Woof is a way of life and a set of beliefs that she follows to be a loving, thoughtful and fair dog owner.

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Featured in Modern Dog Magazine Winter 2016 edition

Who should read this book?  Anyone who is considering getting a dog or already has a dog will benefit from the Love, Laugh, Woof Philosophy to dog ownership.

Table of Contents: 

 Chapter 1: My life with dogs

Chapter 2: Jackson and Tinkerbell

Chapter 3: Destiny and The Love, Laugh, Woof Philosophy

Chapter 4: Are you ready for a dog? REALLY ready?

Chapter 5: Breeder or Rescue? Where to get your next dog

Chapter 6: Love, Laugh, Woof and Surviving Puppyhood

Chapter 7: Love, Laugh, Woof, Rescue

Chapter 8: As the years go by…