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Where Did the Summer Go?

Every year seems to go faster and faster so I suppose it should not surprise me that it is already August 13 when it feels like it should still be June or perhaps early July. Our human kids go back to school next week even though it seems like summer vacation just began.

Jackson waits patiently for me to close my laptop for the day.

This summer I’ve been working hard on putting together my new coaching sessions for dog owners who want to learn how to provide a healthy lifestyle for their dogs with the goal of helping their dogs feel fantastic instead of just ok. The sessions will be available in person through one-on-one coaching, live workshops for small groups and through online webinars. I am super excited to be able to offer this service to pet owners who have the same goals that I do: to get the most time with their dog as possible and for their dog to be as happy and healthy as they make us feel.

Working from home as my own boss is a dream come true. Working from home during summer vacation with teenagers in the house is a major feat. The summer is such a magical time and we love the more relaxed vibe without the elaborate schedule of practices, sporting events, rehearsals and concerts that go on all school year with three kids  with different skills and interests. I wouldn’t trade our summer days, but concentrating on writing and stopping the meter on the teen taxi to get some concrete work and writing time is often an impressive accomplishment all on its own. With school starting back up next week I will return to more frequent blogging about caring for dogs, current topics in the world of dogs, and of course the antics of Jackson and Tinkerbell.

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